Posted by – March 30, 2010

For half of the Savorist household, no alternative to coffee is really necessary, but Dr. Savorista has a tough time with coffee, and tea wasn’t really doing it for her anymore, so she went looking for something new.  She found Choffy:

Choffy is, essentially, roasted and ground cacao beans that are then brewed like coffee.

Several regional varieties will eventually be offered, but they’re currently shipping Ivory Coast.

So how does it taste?  Unadulterated?  Pretty much like dirt.   But, to be fair, in your heart of hearts, you know coffee also tastes like dirt, and you acquired a taste for that.  Of course, if you add a little cream and sugar, brewed Choffy starts to taste a little more like a mild chocolate bar, and the overall effect is quite pleasant.

There are, purportedly, some health benefits (pdf) to the stuff, but I’d recommend absorbing those with some skepticism.  For instance, if cacao “contains a significant amount of iron per serving,” the FDA disagrees:

I wouldn’t count on ground cacao for all of your health and dietary needs, but you could certainly do worse.  And as far as I can tell, your only option for acquiring your own stash right now is ordering it directly from the folks at Choffy…and then waiting patiently.  The order we placed on March 16th arrived in a Priority Mail box on March 29th.  At $15 for a 12 ounce bag, it’s not much more expensive than a fancier coffee like the Oren’s I occasionally enjoy on break from my go-to-coffee, Chock Full o’ Nuts.

Though I won’t be supplanting my daily coffee consumption with Choffy, the experience does pique my interest in what *other* seeds, beans, and nuts out there might yield drinkable results after a good roasting, grinding and steeping.  Anyone tried this with lentils?


Choffy on the web, twitter, facebook.

6 Comments on Choffy

  1. Antonio says:

    Any idea where I could get a electronic tea brewer, or better yet a device that can keep the tea warm and (if possible) somehow “fresh”. Would be awesome to have something like that on my desk, so I can drink tea while I work without going to the kitchen.

    Tea. Earl Grey. Hot

  2. Chocadores says:

    I love the idea of Choffy, but having had a friend in the US try it, I’m not so sure it works:(
    I think using brand from the Ivory Coast which has a very poor reputation on Child Labour really isn’t a good start:(
    They also use the very poor tasting Forestro beans which are very bitter & cheap to buy.

  3. Sam Johnson says:

    There are other makers of roasted cocoa beans that are better tasting if you don’t like the flavor of the ivory coast version. There are several regions that produce roasted beans,each has a unique taste. Crio Bru is another maker of roasted cocoa beans and I have tried each of there three flavors. Yummy!

  4. Vickie says:

    I found out about choffy after watching Dr. Oz and purchased it, it taste great! Here is a link, you can find more info on choffy and try for yourself.

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